Changing Stations - Monday

The first single from Daniel Liam Glyn's album, Changing Stations, has been announced! Produced and mastered by myself.

"For the first promotional release I've taken inspiration from the Bakerloo line. I wanted to create a composition that channels the moody, reluctant atmosphere of London tube commuters who are entering a new working week whilst mourning the end of the weekend. Composed in the key of G minor, this track was recorded using additional 'prepared piano' elements, where we placed objects such as oyster cards, wallets, coins, pens and plastic, and fixed them between the strings of the piano. This technique creates an unusual tonal, percussive sound and pays homage to John Cage, who was one of the first composers to use it extensively in his compositions. 

'Monday' is the first piece to be released from the forthcoming album 'Changing Stations' and is available to download / stream on Friday 16th September. 

Cover art taken by Lucy Ridges Photography and designed by Sam Wyatt."