Frequently asked questions

How do I go about working with you?”

Easy! Just use this contact form to let me know how many tracks you'd like mastering and I will give you a quote and a choice of dates that I have available. Once we have worked out a date that suits your time frame, send over your tracks via Dropbox or WeTransfer for mastering.

Can I hear some before and after examples of your mastering work?”

Instead of showing before and after examples of my mastering work on someone else's mix, I  would prefer to do a test master of one of your tracks so that you can hear my work in context. If you would like a free test master of part of your track, simply upload via the WeTransfer link below:

How long will it take you to master my tracks?”

This depends! The more tracks you have, the longer it will take. Usually an album will take me a day, but it may take longer if you wish to revise your mix, or you need any mastering revisions. 

What is your turnaround time like?”

Turnaround for initial masters is usually within 24 hours, although if it will take me longer, I'll keep you posted. Once the initial masters are approved, I will embed metadata and run formats - this can usually be done the day after.

Do I need to book in advance?”

For an album, yes. However, if you have one or two tracks that require mastering, depending on my workload it's sometimes possible to do these the same day.

If you're looking at getting an album mastered, it will require a full day in my calendar. I tend to get booked up a week in advance, so it's advisable to let me know as soon as possible.

I booked in for mastering, but my mixes aren't ready - help!”