Modulation - Free Mastering To Help Those Often Overlooked In Music Production

What is Modulation? It's a fancy title designed to catch your eye, so you'll read about my little initiative to try and create more equality in music production.

Over the past few years, I have done quite a lot of work to help change to balance for women in music. However, women are not the only minority group. I was thinking about ways I could do a little something to help a little bit, and so I pledge to master one EP a month for free to a BAME or LGBTQ+ band or artist. 

After putting my idea out there, fellow mastering engineer and AV specialist Matthew Dempsey got in touch saying he'd love to be involved. Therefore, we will each master one release per month. That's a whopping 24 releases throughout the year!


Free Mastering - Tell Me More 

So what's the deal? If you identify with the following criteria, go ahead and fill out the contact form on this page to apply for free mastering!

* If you are a BAME or LGBTQ+ artist or band

* You are an unsigned artist

* You are not receiving any funding 

* You are on either your first or second EP


What do you get from this?

* Up to 5 tracks mastered completely free

* All formats needed to release your music

* Feedback on your mixes where necessary 


What do I get from running this initiative?

* The satisfaction of feeling like I'm doing my part to help change the balance in the music world


Why am I doing this?

As well as the equality thing which is currently way off balance, I know how expensive releasing music can be. My aim is to help 12 different artists release their work, cutting out the expense of mastering so that they can spend more of their budget on promotion. Hopefully, we will see a tiny bit of change. 

I really believe that change is going to happen with lots of people doing tiny things. 


Please Read This Important Information Before Applying

* I am a one-woman mission - I run my studio and all things associated by myself. I already get vast amounts of emails, and so if you don't get selected, then I won't be able to respond or produce feedback. However, that shouldn't discourage you from applying again later.

* All tracks (up to 5 in total) should be submitted at the same time.

* Please make sure you have your finished mixes ready before applying.

* If you are thinking about applying but already have a release date set and are hoping for a quick turnaround, then this project probably isn't for you. I will be doing this work in my free time, so it won't be possible for me to meet strict deadlines. 

* Matthew and I will choose two winners from all submissions on the last day of each month (so January's artist will be selected on the 31st January and mastering will commence in February). 

* I won't put you on some weird mailing list and spam you. If you do want to join my mailing list, you can head to my homepage and sign up. 

* I won't pass on your personal information or do anything dodgy, promise. 

* If you are successful and we end up working together, but you're worried there's going to be some kind of weird catch then don't panic. You will still own your masters, and I will send you all 5e formats you need for your release. There's no odd small print here, just trying to do something good. 

* If you're thinking of applying but aren't sure whether it's right for you, are sure you take a look around my websites and see what previous work I've done. 

* If you find anything problematic with the wording of this page, please let me know. I am continually learning and always wanting to improve my awareness of the issues affecting BAME and LGBTQ artists. 

* If you have any questions, just get in touch!