#NormalNotNovelty is a monthly event held at Red Bull Studios, London, that launched in January 2017. Each event consists of a DJ workshop, a production workshop and an engineering workshop. The event is to encourage and inspire women in music in a safe environment.

I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to host the engineering workshop each month! Guests have included Mandy Parnell, Isabel Gracefield, Steph Marziano, and more, and topics have included mastering, pre-production, recording and microphone techniques.

#NormalNotNovelty hopes to break the stigma of life behind the recording studio glass, encouraging women to get involved in music productions, engineering and DJing. The UK tour will see them partner with music production colleges in each city, a home-away-from-home studio once outside of the capital.”

Brendon Harding, Red Bull Studios

To register for any of the workshops please follow this link. See you in the studio!