Being moved by what you hear.

That's what matters. That's what lasts. That's what Katie focuses on.

“Improving the connection between artist and listener is the whole point of mastering,” admits Katie Tavini. “A lot of the time, mastering can be seen as quite a sterile art, but I always focus on enhancing the music rather than just enhancing the audio."

“I think perfection is found in balance,” she adds. “Getting things exactly right can actually take something away from the expression or emotion of the song. Instead, I try to master in a way that uses the best mastering techniques to express the life and vitality of the music and artist.”

Katie is fascinated by sound, she always has been.

Listening to her father's vinyl collection at an early age she can remember being intrigued by the intricacies of a stereo mix. She can still recall the noises her violin made, both sweet and sour, as her hands absorbed the complexities of the instrument. Always exploring, always learning, Katie took in any musical experience she could find.

“I've just always wanted to learn how noise happens,” she laughs. “So I gravitated towards all aspects of music. Whether playing classical music, watching punk bands in my local DIY scene, studying acoustics, learning to produce or following the careers of French electro artists, I loved it all and took it all in.”




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