Twisted Wheel 

“We are incredibly pleased with the mastering of our new single, Nomad Hat. The depth and quality of sound has really took the track to a new level and maximised its sonic potential. We will be most certainly getting the rest of our new material mastered here”. 

- Jonny, Ben,Ben, Harry 
Twisted Wheel


"Working with Katie was such a pleasant and straightforward experience. She was able to be flexible and accommodating, super clear in her communication and the final product was incredibly high quality. Her turnaround time was fast too. I’ll definitely be recommending her everywhere!"

- Rookes


"I was very impressed with Katie’s work mastering my album Heads. She had the kind of intuitive understanding of what the mixes needed that can only come from that intersection of skill, talent, and a real love of music.  My music is synth heavy and very busy at times, and we worked hard when mixing to ensure that all the sounds had their own space.  In the hands of a lesser engineer it would have been easy for the mastering to muddy things back up, but Katie improved the bass consistency and brought up the perceived loudness with no loss of clarity and a real added sparkle.  I will definitely consider Katie for future projects and would recommend her to other producers."

- SnackCube

DIDI / Lauren Deakin Davies 

"To start with, Katie is a next level kind of person, she goes above and beyond to help make sure you are happy and the quality of the tracks are to the best standard they can be! She is the kind of person that takes pride in her work and is a complete nerd when it comes down to tech, she goes down to the most minute detail really getting down to an almost atomic level of accuracy! At the same time letting you in on everything she is doing a long the way in an incredibly approachable way!"

- DIDI / Lauren Deakin Davies

George Moorey 

"Katie was the perfect mastering engineer for my SPACES project.  My recordings of community sourced songs and compositions in ancient buildings fuse a wide range of different styles including folk, jazz, hip hop, choral and classical instrumentation.  I capture the atmosphere and actual reverbs of the spaces we make music in so it was important to me that the mastering was tackled in a sensitive manner.  Katie's mastering is faithful to the recording process whilst  enhancing the experience of the listener.  I am exceptionally pleased that I asked Katie to master my project.  I highly recommend her."

George Moorey

Abi Wade 

"It was so amazing working with Katie. She nailed it! I wanted a less compressed sound and Katie was really receptive to my thoughts as well as the producers. She was great at interpreting my preferences and is also insanely good at answering her emails; which on a tight deadline was such a relief! I have recommended her to numerous people since :)"

Abi Wade

Dan Lucas 

"When my mixes are with Katie I can be safe in the knowledge that they are in the very best hands when it comes to mastering. She works hard to showcase my mixes in the best possible light, and the results are nothing short of world-class every time."

Dan Lucas, Anchor Baby Recordings


James Booth 

"I discovered Katie and her mastering service through my mixing engineer Elliot Vaughan. He highly recommended her, at the time I was considering some of the more well known studios who proved to be very inflexible and added significant costs for every little addition, such as formatting the masters as A/B audio files for vinyl, providing a DDP image etc and doing tweaks and revisions. 

I agreed to try Katie and the results speak for themselves. Her and Elliot ping-pong'ed the tacks between them and gave my album so much more attention and love than it would have received at one of the bigger studios and for a fraction of the cost. The sonics of the record we have created have far surpassed my original vision and that's due mostly to both Elliot and Katie's skills, perfectionism and professionalism. 

The masters turned out fantastic and Katie has added the final dusting to this record, maintaining the integrity of what I was trying to do and generally enhancing the listening experience and sonics of this record. I would highly recommend her."

James Booth of Gorilla Punch Radio

Elliot Vaughan 

"When I go to Katie for mastering I know that I have zero worries about how the record is going to turn out. It’s refreshing to know my mixes will always come back as a better version of themselves. That’s what I want from Mastering and Katie delivers every time. 

On the odd occasion where small (they’re always small) tweaks are needed, Katie is ready and willing to make sure everyone is happy. She provides a service that is worth 10x the price and it truly annoys me if I have to go anywhere else. 

On top of all the great audio, she’s just really fantastic to work with. A genuinely good human who is generous with her time and her knowledge. She loves what she does and that is contagious. 

The best. 5 Stars"

- Elliot Vaughan